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We are a proudly South African brand. My love for candles has always been a part of who I am.

Candles are not just beautiful and fill your home with incredible scent, they also symbolise light and speak to self-care and self-love, especially in the uncertain times we are living in. It is a brand that started in my kitchen with an idea, and a few raw materials found around the house. 

So many people lost their jobs during the pandemic, and I wanted to create a product that is affordable and accessible to everyone, making it possible to get a piece of the magic created in my home. 

Most of the ingredients, raw materials, and packaging are all sourced locally and we ensure we support other small businesses. Each individual product has the highest quality and packaging since each product is exceptionally important to us. We want to ensure that with each product bought, it has to be an experience that will make our brand the first choice for every repeat purchase.

Our cement candle containers are all handcrafted by another local small business that we support. They are reusable pots for anything from plants, jewellery container, candle refill, and more. 

Our candles are exceptionally special, as they are not the ordinary candle that is just hand poured.  All our candles contain 100% Soy wax, Cocoa butter, and Almond Oil. When the wax is melted, this luxurious combination makes it perfect to use on the body as massage oil. These candles are all luxury statement pieces, at a very affordable price, and will fill your home with soothing fragrance oils.

We offer corporate gifting, wedding favours, personalised gifting for any special event, and more.

We are passionate about what we do, we do it with love.

We are not only a small business who strives to make money, but we care for our communities by giving back and supporting fellow local business owners in their endeavours.  We aim to empower women by focusing on employing women who are sole bread winners in their families, educating and training them in our business.

We support various charitable organisations. Helping feed, clothe, and develop all of our communities.

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